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Jeff Mills: ‘'90s techno was up-tempo, dark music, now it’s about space and the cosmos’

The exhibitionist tells it like it is... 

Jeff Mills has spoken about the difference between techno in the 1990s and the genre today in a recent interview with Telekom Electronic Beats, which focusses on his jazz quartet project, Spiral Deluxe. 

“Techno music was this up-tempo, driving, sometimes very dark, very aggressive type of dance music that derived from electronic rock or house music or Detroit techno. This is what techno was, pretty much, in the ‘90s," he said. 

Mills, whose seminal 1994 album, 'Waveform Transmission Vol.3', is about to be re-released by Tresor Records, then explains that in 2018 thinks have got a lot more trippy. 

“Now it’s about space and the subject of the cosmos and stars and planets... the feeling that the music has really transported the audience to some other place in time and space is now close to the norm." 

The interview goes on to explain how the various players in the live outfit came to be involved and the concept behind it, while touching on some of Mills' other endeavours, all of which reflect wider changes and developments in the techno scene. Read the original feature here, once you've checked Spiral Deluxe in action below and these 10 moments that defined Jeff Mills