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Detroit legend to also release A Trip To The Moon score on CD...

Jeff Mills has shared a teaser for his next album, an "electronic/classical" collection titled, 'Planets'.

Few details have been released about the record, however in a short Facebook post, Mills reveals it is set to drop via his Axis imprint in March this year and will be about the planets in our solar system.

Mills also announced an extended version of his score for the 16-minute, 1902 film A Trip To The Moon (which came out on DVD and Blu-Ray last year), will drop on Axis on 27th January.

And, as the label reaches its 25th anniversary this year, Mills has launched a new website and four-part retrospective radio show hosted by Moxie to celebrate. Listen to the first edition on NTS.

'A Trip To The Moon' Tracklist

01. Theory And Plans (The Trip) 
02. The Believers 
03. Rocket Spaceship Destination - Moon 1 
04. Amongst The Stars 
05. Outer Space 
06. Fast Descent To The Surface 
07. Winds Across The Vast Landscape 
08. Strange Plants And Other Botanica 
09. Sleepy Time 
10. The Feeling Of Being Watched 
11. Underground And The Moon People 
12. Captured And Under Their Control 
13. Bewilded, But Not Confused 
14. The Escape 
15. Helo's Welcome