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Jeff Mills reissuing rare and classic techno EPs in new Axis series

‘The Director's Cut Chapter 1’ is out this week…

Jeff Mills will launch his new ‘Director’s Cut’ re-issue series on Axis records this week.

The first edition of the project features four tracks from throughout his catalog, including a previously unreleased version of his 2005 cut, ‘Suspense’. The retrospective release also features 1995’s ‘Gamma Player’, 2000’s ‘Transformation B’ and ‘Hydra & Synergy’.

This is the first edition of what Mills promises will be an ongoing project for 2019. Speaking of the series, Mills wrote, “"Looking back in hindsight to the activity and accomplishments of Axis is with much pride - to witness the relationship between the music and listener evolving to this point. The Director's Cut reissue project is about manicuring detail. It's about a rare opportunity to enhance what we've done so that the relationship strengthens for the long term"

You can pre-order and listen to clips from the release here.

Last week, Mills hosted inaugural edition of The Edgar Mitchell Affair, a party based on the theme of “paranormal and ufology”.

Mills will also be playing at Exit festival this year.