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Jeff Mills to release new album commemorating Moon Landing 50th anniversary

The album uses samples from a NASA control room...

Jeff Mills will commemorate the 1969 Moon landing on new album, 'Moon - The Area Of Influence'.

Incoming via Axis Records, 'Moon - The Area Of Influence' is a 13-track album of ethereal, sci-fi techno, even featuring samples from a NASA control room, exploring the relationship between the Moon and the Earth.

"There are influences of the Moon we can detect, measure and document as scientific facts" Mills shared, "If these are perceived as rational explanations, then it should raise questions about the possibility of other unseen mental and metaphysical connections humans have, not just with the Moon but with all other celestial bodies in and outside this Solar System."

"This album and the imagination that helped to produce it should be considered as a proposition with open-endedness and no foreseeable conclusion" he added, "It is a chemistry of facts and feelings based on then, now and forever."

'Moon - The Area Of Influence' will be released 5th July via Axis Records. Watch the album trailer below.

Earlier this year, Jeff Mills revealed he would be reissuing rare techno releases from his back catalog. 

Jeff Mills will play the Hydra weekender at London's Printworks this bank holiday.