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Jeff Mills Reveals New Axis Vinyl Stabilizer

The new weight is designed to eliminate unwanted vibrations…

Jeff Mills has revealed a new vinyl weight prototype that will be on sale soon via his label Axis Records. In a post on Facebook, Mills teased the new vinyl stabiliser, which he explained would “eliminate unwanted vibration which can affect the sound and stability of your needle's tracking”. The weights are also designed to temporarily even out records that may have been warped or curved.

While no release date has been announced for The Axis Vinyl Stabilizer, they’re limited to a run of 100 units, each one engraved and numbered. Head to Axis Records’ website for more. If you’re looking to stock up on records, Ransom Note are opening a new record store in East London – but if you’re too broke to afford real records, maybe this VR turntable set is for you.