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Jlin and Holly Herndon create track using Artificial Intelligence program

Track ‘Godmother’ completely created by machine learning

Electronic luminaries Holly Herndon and Jlin have created a new track ‘Godmother’, out now on 4AD, completely via an AI program called Spawn.

Spawn was created over the course of two years by Herndon and Mat Dryhurst. Producing the track entirely via machine learning, Spawn repeatedly listened to recent DJ Mag interviewee Jlin’s work and tried to replicate it with Herndon’s voice.

"This piece of music was generated from silence with no samples, edits, or overdubs," said Herndon in a statement on the project. It allowed her vocals to “surpass the physical limitations of her body,” she added.

Watch the video to ‘Godmother’ below and read Herndon's statement on the project, which she says raises ethical questions about the future of music.

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