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Jlin drops new track, 'No Name': Listen

It's Jlin's first new solo music since last year's ballet soundtrack 'Autobiography'...

Jlin has dropped a new track 'No Name', her first music since last year's dance performance original score, 'Autobiography'.

The experimental innovator, who is collaborating with Holly Herndon on creating a music-oriented artificial intelligence, shared the track via Adult Swim's 'Singles' programme.

It's more of the same, not that could ever be a bad thing, with catapulting breakbeats and carnivorous synths driving onwards a banger that's so manic it occasionally flirts with hardstyle. It's inconceivable that anyone but Jlin could pack this many (well-executed) ideas into one five minute track.

Read our interview with Jlin from last October here, and listen to 'No Name' below.