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Stand up to the squeeze on Britain’s nightclubs…

Last year DJ Mag launched our #SaveOurClubs campaign, to stand up to the squeeze by authorities on nightclubs which has seen almost half of Britain’s venues close in the last decade, including The Arches, Cable, Plastic People, Vibe Bar, Dance Tunnel, Shapes, Passing Clouds and Crucifix Lane.

As another of Britain’s clubbing institutions is under threat, with fabric’s licensing hearing to decide the venue’s fate taking place tomorrow (6th September), we’re continuing our work through DJ Mag’s #SaveOurClubs campaign, like that around the proposed reform to Hackney’s late licensing and our panel at Brighton Music Conference.

We’re going to continue working with the Night-Time Industries Association (NTIA) and others to try to help stick up for nightclubs under pressure from the authorities, as well as continuing to highlight what you can do to keep your local favourite dance clubs open and firing.

Meanwhile, you could join the NTIA — — and write to your local MP or councillor with any concerns you have. After all, those people are elected, and supposed to serve their constituents.

To stay up to date, like our dedicated fan page on Facebook, and help #SaveOurClubs.