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Jon Hopkins releases ‘Immunity’ 10th anniversary remastered edition

"This record changed my life," said the London producer and musician

jon hopkins
Photo credit: Steve Gullick

Jon Hopkins has released a remastered edition of his fourth studio album 'Immunity' to celebrate its 10th anniversary. Listen to it below.

Originally released via Domino in June 2013, the seminal, eight-track album's remastered edition was released on Friday, 2nd June. Speaking about the original release, Hopkins said: “Immunity was written between late 2010 and early 2012. I poured everything into it, taking so much care over every element."

"This record changed my life," he added. "I went from playing 500 cap venues to 5000 cap in less than a year. The whole thing was a whirlwind and has since given me the freedom to follow any creative route that comes to me. Making and releasing it was a very special experience."

Critically acclaimed upon release, 'Immunity' spawned four singles: 'Open Eye Signal,' 'Breathe This Air,' 'Collider' and 'We Disappear'. Recorded and produced in Hopkins' London studio, the album was nominated for the 2013 Mercury Prize for Best Album.

Including remixes by Moderat, Purity Ring, George Fitzgerald, Lulu James and Pangaea, as well as ambient "sleep versions" of a number of tracks, the remastered version of 'Immunity' will also receive a special physical release on 6th October, including the first-ever colour pressing of the album on vinyl. Pre-order it here.

On the subject of remastering the album, Hopkins said: "I have never had anything I’ve made remastered before, but had occasionally wondered if the loud mastering on Immunity is something I would still have done today. Guy Davie, who worked on the original, returned to the pre-masters, and we tried to do a slightly more subtle job. However, immediately it felt like it lost that sense of ‘pressure’ that I’ve come to realise is an important characteristic of the album, which is particularly present during the heavy tracks."

"I was suddenly wary of messing with it, creatively changing something that people were familiar with and that had become important to them. So we went back to the original settings, but added a subtle expander at the end to open it out a little. The result feels like it has a little more breathing space, whilst retaining the grit and intensity it always had. This re-master also gave us the opportunity to run it through Guy’s EMI desk at 96k for the first time.”

Hosted by Pitchblack Playback, listening events of the remastered version of 'Immunity' continue in the UK and Europe next week:

June 6 - Riverside Studios, London (8:45PM)
June 13 - Mini Cini, Manchester (7PM)
June 20 - Empire Bio, Copenhagen (8PM)