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Jonas Kopp taps into an ominous future on new track, 'Projections From Alcyone'

Forthcoming on Tresor...

Jonas Kopp returns to Berlin's Tresor imprint, next month, with a new album of futuristic techno experiments, titled 'Photon Belt'.

The eponymous 'Photon Belt' is "a band of intense light energy into which our star and its planets moves into [once every 11,000 years] for a duration of about 2,000 years," the press release informs us. "As part of the Pledian star group, our sun circles around the star named Alcyon, itself located at all times in the photon belt. Other stars, including ours, move in and out of it for varying periods of time, depending on their orbit."

With such galactic inspiration, the LP is suitably sci-fi sounding, mostly offering forward-thinking techno, with an emphasis on sound design.

Today's premiere 'Projections On Alcyone' combines tribal force with a rough, digital aesthetic — a delay-laden beat rolling out, before the introduction of gnarly synth stabs and skittering hats.

Check out the track in full below and grab a copy of the 'Photon Belt' album from 5th May.


A1. 'Electrons Splitting'
A2. 'Projections From Alcyone'
A3. 'Tuning Frequency'
B1. 'Galactic Core'
B2. 'Aile'
C1. 'Photon Belt'
C2. 'Into the Manasic Belt'
C3. 'Bridge To The Stars'
D1. 'Taygeta'
D2. '5D World'

PIC: Camille Blake