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Joseph Capriati confirms he is out of hospital

“Back to life, and to music. I am forever grateful”

Joseph Capriati has confirmed he is out of hospital.

The 33-year-old DJ was stabbed in the chest with a kitchen knife following an argument with his father earlier this month (8th January), and had been recieving treatment in Sant'Anna e San Sebastiano Hospital, Caserta. Capriati’s father, 61, was arrested for attempted murder. During his recovery, Capriati asked for “a little respect for my father and my family, since neither I nor any of you have the power and the duty to judge what happened”. 

Now, the Italian artist has confirmed he has left hospital, with an Instagram post captioned “Back to life, and to music. I am forever grateful” (translated from Italian). Capriati's agency had previously announced that his injuries were no longer considered to be life-threatening.

At the time of the event, La Repubblica reported that the incident took place during an argument between Capriati and his mother. When his father tried to intervene, it is alleged that the DJ punched him. His father reportedly retaliated by stabbing him. Capriati's brother was also present.

You can see the post from Capriati below. 

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(Photo credit: Dave Clarke)