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Joseph Capriati’s injuries are “not life-threatening”, agency says

The Italian DJ was hospitalised over the weekend after being stabbed by his father

Joseph Capriati's injuries sustained over the weekend after being stabbed by his father are "not life-threatening", the DJ's management company Parallel has confirmed.

"Thank you all for the love you are showing to Joseph, a short statement shared by the management company over the weekend said. "We want to reassure you that Joseph’s injuries are not life-threatening and he sends you all a big and warm hug."

The Italian DJ was reportedly stabbed in the chest with a kitchen knife following an argument with his father on Friday night (8th January), and was taken to Sant'Anna e San Sebastiano Hospital, Caserta, for treatment. His injuries were believed to be serious with La Republica reporting that Capriati suffered a deep stab wound, which affected his lungs. He subsequently underwent delicate pneumothorax surgery as well as a blood transfusion.

La Republica has reported that the fight broke out during an argument between Capriati and his mother. When his father tried to intervene, it is alleged that the DJ punched him. His father reportedly retaliated by stabbing him. Capriati's brother was also present. According to the Italian paper's report, Capriat's condition is "slowly improving".

Capriati’s father, 61, was arrested for attempted murder. Joseph Capriati, who normally lives in Spain, had been living with his family in Caserta during the pandemic.

Photo credit: Dave Clarke