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Joy O announces first solo release of 2019, 'Slipping' EP

It's due out via Hinge Finger, the label he runs with Will Bankhead

Joy O will release his first all-original record of 2019 later this month.

Titled 'Slipping', the six-track record is due out on Hinge Finger, the label he runs with The Trilogy Tapes' Will Bankhead. While there aren't any previews online just yet, it's been revealed that two of the tracks feature guitarist Mansur Brown, who is a close affiliate of Henry Wu. Infinite and MC and singer Keyah Blu also feature on the record.

'Slipping' follows on from '50 Locked Grooves', the collection of vocal samples and loops that Joy O put out earlier this year on Tessela and Truss' Poly Kicks label. It's his first all-original release since last year's '81b' EP which also came out through Hinge Finger.

Hinge Finger will release 'Slipping' on October 18th. You can see the artwork below.

Joy O recently released his back catalogue digitally and on streaming platforms. Read DJ Mag's recent piece focusing on his breakout hit, 'Hyph Mngo', 10 years on from its release, here.