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Juan Atkins and Orlando Voorn join forces for 'Beyond The Beyond': Premiere

Frequency vs Atkins returns...

Juan Atkins (pictured) teams up with old mucker Orlando Voorn once again this month, reviving their Frequency vs Atkins project for brand new album, 'Mind Merge', for Out-ER.

Friends since the birth of techno in '80s, Atkins and Voorn first introduced Frequency vs Atkins in 1992, with their 'Industrial Metal' / 'Kiss The Sky Remix' release for Lower East Side Records.

After various collaborations, the project returned with with the track 'Reloaded' for Out-ER's fifth anniversary compilation last year.

Their latest effort forms an eight-track LP (with two digital bonuses), from which we've plucked opener 'Beyond The Beyond', a low-slung slice of stripped-back electro, packed with enveloping, hypnotic synthwork.

Check out the cut, plus the full 'Mind Merge' tracklist below.


A1. Beyond The Beyond
A2. Entourage
B1. Pure Soul
B2. Mind Merge
C1. Revolve
C2. Spacewalkers
D1. Back To The Future
D2. Shape Shifting
Digital Bonus 1. Reloaded
Digital Bonus 2. ACE