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Judge dismisses lawsuit attempting to stop Ultra

Rapture Festival now has one last chance to amend its claim or withdraw it completely... 

A judge has dismissed a lawsuit filed by a rival festival which was aiming to stop Ultra from going ahead this year at the proposed site. 

The Florida EDM, techno and electronic event first had a battle against authorities who blocked it from returning to its original home of Bayfront Park. It was then granted permission to hold its 2019 weekender at Virginia Key between 29th and 31st March, despite widespread concerns from local communities and officials, only to come up against Rapture Festival. 

The latter first issued a cease and desist order on Ultra in January, citing a claim to the island venue after using it for two previous instalments. This was then followed by a lawsuit, which has subsequently been dismissed by the courts. 

"[T]he Complaint fails on its face to plausibly allege any unlawful conspiracy or anticompetitve arrangement between Defendants. Plaintiff relies exclusively on conclusory allegations of conspiracy backed by no factual allegations whatsoever," the decision states.

Rapture now has one final chance to amend its original claim or withdraw it.