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Justice threaten legal action against Justin Bieber over new album design

The duo have reportedly issued a cease-and-desist letter to the Canadian star's team

Justice have threatened legal action against Justin Bieber over his new album design.

Paris-based electronic duo Justice, made up of Gaspard Augé and Xavier De Rosnay, have issued a cease-and-desist letter to Canadian pop star Justin Bieber over his 'Justice' album cover, Rolling Stone reports.

Back in February, fans of Justice, as well as their label Ed Banger records, noted similiarites between the duo's logo and Bieber's new album artwork, where the “t” is accentuated to resemble a crucifix.

According to Rolling Stone, in a March 10th letter from Justice’s counsel to Bieber’s lawyer and management, Justice called for Bieber to cease-and-desist his use of the stylized word in tandem with the “cross,” "a 'Mark' which the duo trademarked in both France (in 2008) and the European Union (in 2014)."

“Your use of the Mark is illegal. You have not received permission from Justice to utilize the Mark,” the letter, obtained by Rolling Stone, states. “Moreover, Bieber’s work is in no way affiliated with, supported by, or sponsored by Justice. Such use of the Mark is not only illegal, but likely to deceive and confuse consumers.”

Despite the letter, and a request for damages to be payable to the duo, Bieber has today (19th) released his sixth studio album 'Justice', alongside a new merch line featuring the logo. Fans have also pointed out that Bieber's Justice Cross Hoodie uses a font similiar to the title font for Justice’s 2019 film Iris: A Space Opera.

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