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K-Lone announces debut album on Wisdom Teeth, ‘Cape Cira’

It's also the first ever album to emerge from the label he runs with Facta

K-Lone has announced his debut album, 'Cape Cira', which will arrive on the Wisdom Teeth label he runs with Facta.

To date the imprint has been responsible for releases spanning synth to techno, with this the first full-length record to come from the stable.

Billed as a melodic and explorative score, the work draws on influences such as ambient and modern classical. A very different beast to K-Lone's more familiar club-ready work, the LP arrives on 24th April, with a release party set for 17th April at London spot The Glove That Fits, where the two Wisdom Teeth bosses will be joined by Duckett and Piezo, who are both down for live sets. 

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