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Olivia Stock
12 May 2023, 15:11

Kelly Lee Owens launches unisex perfume, Scent08, with Hæckels

The fragrance aims to translate “musical triggers into scent markers”

Photo of Kelly Lee Owens sitting behind a mossy foreground wearing a white suit

Kelly Lee Owens has announced that she is launching a new unisex perfume in collaboration with Hæckels. The fragrance, named Scent08, will draw on the Welsh artist and producer’s personal “experience in curating and building musical landscapes to engineer emotive responses.”

The collaborative scent is inspired by eight fragments of memory from the artist’s personal and musical past, with the aim to “act as therapy when worn”, and will include nostalgic notes of lavender, English rose, petrichor, dark-roasted coffee, and vegan thyme honey.

Working together with the English natural fragrance and skincare brand, Owens shared that they have “developed a new way of translating musical triggers into scent markers.” The artist previously collaborated with Hæckels to create a candle inspired by East London’s canal, with proceeds donated to the restoration of the area’s nightlife.

The number eight also inspired the producer’s fourth album, ‘LP.8’, released last year via Smalltown Supersound. The project featured the singles ‘Sonic 8’ and ‘One’, and followed a string of experimental remixes of tracks from rising stars like Elkka and Breaka.

Kelly Lee Owens expanded on her interest in spirituality and sound’s potential healing properties in a interview with DJ Mag in 2019. She also kicked off proceedings at Mary Anne Hobbs’ New Music Fix residency last October, with follow up shows being led by TAAHLIAH, HAAi and Nia Archives.

Scent08 is available to purchase now from the Hæckels website.