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Klein announces new album, ‘Lifetime’

Hear ‘Claim It’ from the LP now

Klein will release a new LP next month.

The South London musician's latest project, 'Lifetime', follows her 'Tommy' EP for London label Hyperdub and the self-released 'cc', and she describes the 18-month writing process behind the album as the equivalent of "giving someone your diary."

Throughout the 12 tracks, Klein explores the inner and outer self, living nightmares and dream states. Sharing how using less vocal than in previous productions has allowed Klein to be more expressive, the press release reads that 'Lifetime' "embraces the inevitable cycles of existence, phasing through moments of brutality, vulnerability, estrangement and unexpected fortitude."

Klein will also present an accompanying multi-sensory performance for 'Lifetime' at London's Serpertine Galleries, exploring the "fragility of one's culture through memory loss and using this performance as tool of preservation".

'Lifetime', out on the 6th September, will be released via Klein's new imprint, ijn inc, on digital and limited edition vinyl formats. Pre-order the album via bandcamp.

Listen to the hypnotising exploration of ambience and percussion on 'Claim It', taken from the forthcoming album, below.