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Klute announces eighth studio album, 'Read Between The Lines'

Dropping next month via his Commercial Suicide label...

Klute returns to his Commercial Suicide label next month with his new album, 'Read Between The Lines'.

Comprised of 15 tracks, the release is Klute's eighth studio album, following on from 2013's 'The Draft'.

Although primarily a drum & bass artist now, the UK producer formerly played in '80s punk band The Stupids, and as such is known for experimenting on his long-players. 'Read Between The Lines' continues this, promising "elements of techno, soundtracks, library, shoegaze, experimental jazz, '60s psychedelia and ambient soundscapes".

The album finds Klute working alongside several vocalists too, namely, veterans Stamina MC and Robert Manos and up-and-coming talent, Naomi Pryor. 

“My main objective was to make a record that’s equally exciting to listen to both loudly and quietly — equal parts physical and mental," explains Klute in the press release. "The title: 'Read Between The Lines' is urging to look beyond face value, not just in my music, but with everything you experience in life.

"This album grows with you the more you listen and experience it. The surface layers reveal all manner of underlying textures and feelings. I’m immensely proud of this work and really believe people will enjoy it.” 

'Read Between The Lines' is available to pre-order here ahead of its release on 31st March. You can catch Klute in action in the UK at Fabric (Friday 10th Feb), launchin the album at Soul In Motion (Wednesday 15th March) and Margate (Friday 24th March), before he heads off on a US tour from 6th to 15th April.


01. 'Come To The End (feat. Naomi Pryor)'
02. 'Lose My Way (feat. Stamina MC)'
03. 'You Wont Like It'
04. 'Soul Boy'
05. 'Angel Makers'
06. 'Earth Spits Out The Living'
07. 'Accept Our Power (feat. Klute)'
08. 'Lost Sales'
09. 'Crimson'
10. 'The Dreams'
11. 'Game Is Over (feat. Robert Manos)'
12. 'Clappy'
13. 'Psycho Subvert'
14. 'The Power Of The Light'
15. 'We Will Return'