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Korg announce remake of the ARP2600

The iconic synth is being remade for 2020

Korg have remade the classic ARP2600 synth. The iconic mono, semi-modular synth is most famous for being the sound behind R2D2 in the original Star Wars movies, and more recently, the sound of 'Inspector Norse'. The synth is famous for its lush tones and filters, as well as its flexible modulation options. The new Korg ARP2600 is a true recreation, with added MIDI DIN and USB ports, as well as adding the ARP3260's duophonic keyboard, and a new arp and sequencer. 

Aside from that, it's a true recreation, and although at $3,899 it's much cheaper than an original – usually going for over £10,000 second-hand – it's still an expensive piece of kit. Budget-friendly Behringer have also announced their intention to re-create the ARP2600 though nothing has been confirmed. Korg bought the trademark for ARP back in 2015 and released a remake of the Odyssey soon after. 

Korg also recently announced a new synth called Wavestate, an update to their classic ’90s synth the Wavestation.