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KORG announces new noise-cancelling headphones for DJs and live performance

The NC-Q1s are designed for “unparalleled hearing protection and sound control”

KORG has announced a new set of noise-cancelling headphones called the NC-Q1s. Designed to be used by DJs and live performers in loud environments, the headphones offer both passive and active noise cancelling, as well as controlling coming sound and offering Smart Monitoring with EQ and volume control for external noise. The headphones are specially made to be used in loud environments while retaining a high-quality sound, perfect for drummers, DJs or FOH engineers. 

The NC-Q1s use both feed-forward and feedback noise cancellation which helps avoid distortion that some other ANC headphones might experience in a loud environment. Mics on the inside and the outside of each earcup are constantly monitoring the signals to maintain perfect noise cancelling. DJs can tap on the outside of the earcup to activate Smart Monitoring to cue up your next track without removing the cans, which can also help protect your ears. Smart Monitoring can be triggering on the left or right cup only, or on both. 

The headphones support high-end Bluetooth codecs like aptX for high-quality sound, as well as support for smart functions from Siri and Google Assistant. 

Watch our video below for more details. The NC-Q1s have an SSP of £299.

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