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Norway gets eight of their classic albums

The electronic pioneers have announced that they'll be hitting the Oslo Opera House for the next stop on their multimedia 3D tour.

Having already debuted the live spectacle at the Sydney Opera House, New York’s MoMA and London’s Tate Modern, the Düsseldorf group are set to perform eight albums chronologically from August 4th until the 7th — starting with the 1974 classic ‘Autobahn’ right through to 2003’s ‘Tour De France’.

Ahead of the events, the organisers have placed some light installations around the Norwegian city, an interactive display that references the group’s 1981 hit ‘Numbers’:

The performance dates are as follows:
Aug 04 Autobahn (1974)
Aug 04 Radio-Activity (1975)
Aug 05 The Man-Machine (1978)
Aug 05 Trans Europe Express (1977)
Aug 06 Techno Pop (1986)
Aug 06 Computer World (1981)
Aug 07 The Mix (1991)
Aug 07 Tour De France (2003)

Check out the full list of Opera House dates here as well as their European tour which kicks off November 11th in Lille, before passing through Essen, Cologne, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Frankfurt and Leipzig.