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KSHMR hosts a Masterclass in India: Watch

A special opportunity for those in Mumbai…

KSHMR was the focus of a 30th October Masterclass at Mumbai, India’s Lost Series Academy. Supported by Sunburn Music Festival, the event included panels for aspiring musicians, managers, and visual jockeys.

The producer, who landed at Number 12 on DJ Mag’s 2017 Top 100 list, lined his recent Indian tour with several special events. Days ahead of the Masterclass, KSHMR performed with the support of a full orchestra to benefit an Indian children’s charity. He was also joined by the legendary Sonu Nigam for a memorable live performance of ‘Underwater’.

The Masterclass featured the thoughts of Justin Edwards (tour manager), Max Troyak (visual jockey), Tej Brar (Founder, Third Culture), Aayushman Sinha (Partner, On Stage Talents), and Monica Patel (Day-to-Day Manger, Indie Pop). Applicants were selected in part by a 500 word essay. 

Select videos of the Masterclass are anticipated via Lost Series’ official Facebook page.  

There has been no annoucement if/when another KSHMR Masterclass could occur.