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The latest Logic Pro X update shows off the power of the new Mac Pro

Version 10.4.5 shows off the power of Apple's latest flagship Mac Pro, as well as some backend tweaks and feature additions…

Apple have upgraded their flagship DAW Logic Pro X to version 10.4.5, adding some new features that show off the power of their recently-announced Mac Pro. The new version has increased the maximum track count from 255 to 1,000, as well as offering 1,000 Aux channels and 12 sends per channel strip. There's also now support for 1,000 instrument tracks, for extra ambitious projects.

While the new additions will only apply to those with the most powerful computers, Apple have also added new features to help us mere mortals with standard-powered computers, with a new feature that only loads plugins that are actually being used by a project – handy for anyone who has to sit through extra long load times with lots of sample instruments. The Loop Browser now allows users to search by type and drag-and-drop multiple loops at once. 

They've also redesigned the De-esser plugin for better control of sibilance and you can now send MIDI clock out individual ports with unique timing offset and plugin delay compensation. 

Ableton recently updated Live to 10.1, which can be downloaded for free here