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Laurent Garnier kickstarts documentary on techno culture

The film will be directed by Gabin Rivoire...

Laurent Garnier has created a kickstarter for a new documentary on techno culture, "Laurent Garnier: Off The Record".

Featuring interviews with Carl Cox, Derrick May and Jeff Mills, the documentary aims to "tell the story of the last great musical revolution of the 20th century through the eyes of one of its pioneers."

The kickstarter has been set up in order to allow fans to be part of the creative process. Pledges for the project range from £1 to £500 and each donation comes with a different package.

"Laurent Garnier: Off The Record" will be filmed by emerging director Gabin Rivoire, who has filmed Garnier's YEAH Festival! for the past seven years.

See the kickstarter here and watch the trailer below.