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Lee Gamble, Lafawndah, Bergsonist, Swan Meat, more contribute to compilation for Medical Aid for Palestinians

'It's Not Complicated' will be released next week via Ma3azef

Lee Gamble, Lafawndah, Bergsonist and Swan Meat are among the artists contributing to a compilation for Medical Aid For Palestinians

Out next week via pan-Arab music magazine Ma3azef, the compilation marks the publication's second release, and will also feature tracks from Against All Logic (Nicolas Jaar), Brian Eno, Safa, Jessika Khazrik, Sarah Haras, Prophän, Liliane Chlela and more.

The compilation, titled 'It's Not Complicated', will raise money for Medical Aid for Palestine, a charity in the West Bank, and Grassroots Al-Quds, a community platform  supporting "Palestinian sumoud (steadfastness and resilience) in Al-Quds".

You can hear Lafawndah's 'the night and the horsemen' ahead of the compilation's July 6th release date below, and pre-order here.

Earlier this week, RepresentAsian, the podcast exploring South Asian representation and contributions to the UK music industry, announced teaming up with Shado Mag next month for a live stream to raise money for Medical Aid for Palestinians.

In May, Soho Radio and R3 Sound System partnered with Palestine’s Radio Alhara for a 24-hour broadcast against arms sales.

Earlier this year, the “queen of the Palestinian techno scene”, Sama' Abdulhadi, was DJ Mag's UK cover star. Read her cover story here, where Sirin Kale discovers how Sama' was saved by techno, and how she’s rebuilding her life, and her scene, after a tumultuous time.