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LEGO Daft Punk heads may soon be available as collectibles


Daft Punk lego heads

Daft Punk's iconic shiny helmets may soon be available as LEGO collectibles.

The proposal for the brick-built versions of the pair's silver and gold casques has been submitted by one "huge fan" and innovative LEGO modeler, who promises to commemorate the band as well as the designs of both helmets.

Creator Eliot O'Brien submitted an idea to the LEGO IDEAS platform, and as of today (March 2), has over 5,000  supporters.

According to O'Brien, the helmets would be laid on stands, "and would make for great display pieces.... Though the builds use a lot of chrome pieces, they could be substituted for the more common flat silver and pearl gold colours without compromising too much on the overall look," he wrote in his submission.

Last February, the trailblazing French duo – who formed in Paris in 1993 – announced their split. Last week, to commemorate a year since their sudden break up, the duo streamed a rare, unmasked classic live set from 1997 on Twitch. They also announced vinyl reissues of their 1997 debut, ‘Homework’, and live album, ‘Alive 1997’.  Both reissues will be released on 15th April. Learn more about those here

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