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Liam Gallagher: ‘I've never heard of Carl Cox. Who is he?'

More insights into the dance community from the brother Gallagher…

Liam Gallagher once again professed his disdain for the dance community by boasting about never meeting master-selector Carl Cox.

“I've never heard of Carl Cox. Who is he?” responded Gallagher to a Junkee reporter after being questioned if they had ever casually hung out. The iconic singer-songwriter later added he “doesn't hang out with DJs. Fuck that, man."

In addition to generally disliking dance music (“I’m not into fucking dance music. Doesn’t do it for me."), Gallagher also took a moment to go-in on U2’s Bono: “He’s the biggest wanker.” Well, in competition with his brother Noel. 

During the latter months of 2017, Gallagher told dance music to “fuck right off” and coined EDM “devil’s music”.

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