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Japanese up-and-comer drops atmospheric techno...

Given Japan is miles ahead of the rest of the world when it comes to future gubbins, it’s slightly surprising that off-kilter techno producers like 99LETTERS aren’t 10 a penny out there. Even if they were though, we know the Osaka-based artist (real name: Taka) would still stand out from the crowd.

Over the past 12 months, he’s put out slamming, oddball techno via Seagrave and Série Limitée, while his most recent outing for Hungary’s Dalmata Daniel imprint takes on a hazy, nostalgic tone, piqued by deep acid notes and halcyon synths. Taka's productions throw curiousity and surprise to the forefront, with unexpected structures and sound palettes.

Taka's Fresh Kicks offering is similarly suprisingly and ingenuitive, blendings crusty atmospherics, smooth deep house and coarse, driven techno. With more labels waking up to Taka’s spun-out genius and an album waiting in the wings, big things are on the way from 99LETTERS in 2017.

Check out the mix and the tracklist in full below.


James Booth 'Soup'
Grey People & Erika Gluck 'Daylight'
Omar-S 'Party Marty (Mix by AOS)' 
Clouds 'T-Mobile Ekstraklasa'
Physical Therapy 'Spasm'
Assar 'Pant'
12z 'Seeing From Above'
Neon 'Wandering'
Antonio 'Clara'
Hoshina Anniversary 'Of Your Love'
Alessandro Adriani 'Interdependence'
S Olbricht 'Floa1'
Paul West 'Jackmasta'
Foundling 'Positions Of Power'