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Listen to Avicii’s posthumous album ‘TIM’ now

An emotional journey from one of dance music's greats...

Avicii’s posthumous artist album,‘TIM’, is available to listen to now. 

Spanning 12 anthemic tracks and many genres, the album features collaborations with Imagine Dragons, Aloe Blacc, Coldplay’s Chris Martin, and Swedish duo Vargas & Lagola. 

DJ Mag had an exclusive first listen to the album late last month, and we went in-depth into each track and what ‘TIM’ will mean for Avicii’s legacy and his fans, who still mourn for an artist who passed tragically far ahead of his time. 

Avicii’s father, Klaus Bergling, spoke at this year’s International Music Summit about his son’s struggle with mental health, and what the music industry can do to prevent future tragedies. During the talk, he also discussed the foundation he established in his son’s name, which will  focus preventative work for mental illness and suicide, as well climate change issues. 

Listen to ‘TIM’ below.