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Listen to Carl Cox and Fatboy Slim’s collaborative single, ‘Speed Trials On Acid’

The track features spoken vocals from Detroit artist Dan Diamond

Fatboy Slim and Carl cox with their arms around eachother at a club

Carl Cox and Fatboy Slim have released their collaborative single, ‘Speed Trials On Acid’. Check it out below. 

Having announced the single earlier this week, Coxy has now confirmed that his debut collab with Fatboy Slim will appear on his forthcoming album, which is due to be released later this year on BMG. 

The track, which Cox teased during his set at Ultra Miami, features vocals from Detroit artist Dan Diamond whose narrated words – “Get back to the beat, back to the kick drums, back to the bass and back to the music” – ring out above a slamming techno beat, acid bassline and piano chords.

Speaking about the track, which Cox produced during lockdown in his Australia studio, he said: “Speed Trials is all about car racing, going from A to B very fast, in a very short space of time”. 

Once he’d completed the track, he sent it to Fatboy Slim to add some extra flair. “I thought Norman might like it as he likes a bit of acid in his music. He had the idea of bringing Dan’s vocal in and adding the string work to the track to make it what it is now. When I listened to the end result, I thought it was absolute genius. He has brought his own flavour to it and I think it’s stunning piece of work. I’m really proud of what we’ve created.”   

Listen to ‘Speed Trials On Acid’ below or get on streaming services here