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It's out on Hot Creations on 12th Feb...

Having honed his production skills for over seven years, Jey Kurmis is really starting to see the fruits of his labour. He's about to drop his brand new record, titled ''Not Too Flabbeh', via Hot Creations — that features two standout originals and a heavy duty re-edit from HC label boss Jamie Jones.

Jey explains, “'Not too Flabbeh' was made with my friends Nukov & Yelmet from Belgium. I love the rolling bass, the catchy vox and how the playful lyrics basically sum me up! Jamie has stepped in once again, this time to do a re-edit of 'Farno'. I love what he's done and it certainly shows his expertise especially on the dancefloor. ‘Monkle’ really works in the club too with its trippy vox and melody.”

Listen to Jamie Jones' re-edit of 'Farno' below.