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An hour of no nonsense techno…

Joran van Pol caught DJ Mag’s attention after amassing a discography with releases on labels including Richie Hawtin’s Minus and Dubfire’s Sci+Tec, as well as Rejected and Ideal Audio.

After Hawtin and Dubfire both adopted his ‘Faded’ as a regular starting point for their sets early in his career, van Pol’s gone on to have a huge 2016. Spinning at Awakenings and Warehouse Elementenstraat in Amsterdam, he’s also dropped his ‘Awakening’ EP as the second release on his own FADE label, which has been tearing techno dancefloors apart this autumn. Not bad for a DJ/producer still in his mid-twenties.

For his Fresh Kicks mix van Pol has turned in an hour of no-nonsense techno, which includes two of his own productions, as well as material from Adam Beyer & Joseph Captiati, Anna, Cirez D, Keith Carnal, Julian Jeweil and Charlotte De Witte.

Listen to Joran van Pol’s Fresh Kicks mix below, check out the full tracklist and Q&A underneath that, and buy his latest release here.


01. Joran van Pol ‘Awakenings (Soundscape tool)’
02. Julian Jeweil ‘Destination’
03. Cirez D ‘The Tournament’
04. When ‘Turning Point (Anna remix)’
05. Joran van Pol ‘Catalyst’
06. Victor Ruiz ‘Nevermind (Oliver Huntemann remix)’
07. Charlotte De Witte ‘Sehnsucht’
08. Matador ‘Enemy (Julian Jeweil remix)’
09. Keith Carnal ‘Sword Play’
10. Dubfire & Oliver Huntemann ‘Fuego (Julian Jeweil remix)’
11. Sam Paganini ‘Mega’
12. Kaiser disco & The Southern ‘Subconscious’
13. Paul Roux ‘Black Swan’
14. Adam Beyer & Joseph Capriati ‘Parallels’
15. Keith Carnal ‘Immer’
16. Reinier Zonneveld ‘EHT’

Last record you bought?

ROD’s remix of James Brown Is Dead’

Last film you saw?

Hacksaw Ridge

Last club you visited?

Warehouse Elementenstraat

Last meal you ate?


Last car you drove?

Ford Mondeo

Last album you listened to in full?

Kangding Ray ‘Cory Arcane’

Last mix you downloaded?

Not sure which I downloaded, but recently listened to James Holden’s balance compilation again

Last person you played back-to-back with?

Whyt Noyz

Last vinyl you spun?

Trentemoller ‘Last Resort’

Last country you visited?


Last dream you remember?

Don’t remember fully, but it had something to do with being stuck somewhere. Something like at an airport I believe.

Rob McCallum is DJ Mag’s deputy digital editor. Follow him on Twitter here.