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The man from Singapore drops half-time galore...

South East Asia is not exactly famous for being a haven for drum & bass, but Singapore's Kiat has been turning a lot of heads in that direction since opening shop in the late noughties.

Founder of the artist group Syndicate Collective, his catalogue includes work for Vampire Records, Alley Cat's Kokeshi imprint, local label Qilin Music and the might Dispatch Recordings.

Kiat's latest effort landed on Germany's Defrostatica back in September; a murky journey through atmospheric dark, atmospheric jungle, the 'Leipzig' EP contains three hard-hitting originals, plus reworks from Iceland's Agzilla and German producer, Kabuki.

The Singaporean's Fresh Kicks mix is an intriguingly perculiar beast. Beginning with no more than ambience and a vocal sample, it works its way through various forms of half-time drum & bass and jungle, focussing in on bulging basslines and jittery drumwork.

Check out the mix for yourself below and head to Kiat's SoundCloud to catch all the latest from him.