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It's out today...

In case you didn't already know, Shaq (yep, the NBA legend) is also a DJ. He spun at Tomorrowworld this year, dropping buckets of trap, bass house and the odd hip-hop banger, and now the sportsman is back rapping on a new tune.

When we plug the NBA champion about his feelings towards anyone who might question his beatsmith skills he simply shrugs: "I don't hate anything. Everyone has their right to their opinion - and I understand - but I've been doing this a long time," Shaq tells DJ Mag. 

"The problem is when you have the celebrity DJs that just pop up, every other celebrity that happens to be a DJ gets put in the same box.  I've been around a long time man, there is footage of me DJing 30 years ago. I'm sure not a many can say that."

As for his role in this collab, Shaq takes on rap duty rather than DJ. The difference between MCing for an electronic beat versus a hip-hop one is in fact not so different he explains. "For me, it's sort of the same thing, but what I'm rapping on now is a lot harder.  You know, when I did my albums they were mellow and a few had some bass but this shit is banging!" 

You can listen to Kryoman x Lexoskeleton's HALL OF FAME' Ft Shaq + Stix below.