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Lollapalooza co-founder predicts music events won’t be back until 2022

He said concerts and sports events were "super-spreaders"

A Lollapalooza co-founder has predicted that music events won’t be back until 2022.

Amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Lollapalooza co-founder Marc Geiger recently spoke with Bob Lefetz Podcast about the future of live music, and said “in [Geiger's] humble opinion, it’s going to be 2022,” before the return of any large-scale events.

“It’s going to take that long before, what I call, the germaphobic economy is slowly killed off and replaced by the claustrophobia economy," he continued, "that’s when people want to get out and go out to dinner and have their lives, go to festivals and shows."

Geiger also predicted that “the next six months may be more painful than the last six months," and that things would only get harder for the industry in time.

In June, staff at a reopened Florida nightclub tested positive for coronavirus. In a bit to return to normality, the club, Gilt, stated that they would continue to host parties and regularly check staff in the coming months.

Last week a run of UK drive-in gigs were cancelled due to local coronavirus lockdown concerns, stating that the "latest developments regarding localised lockdowns mean it has become impossible for us to continue the series with any confidence.”

Earlier this month, the UK government announced a £1.57billion support package for the arts and culture industries struggling amid the coronavirus pandemic. It's been four months since prime minister Boris Johnson officially ordered a list of venues, which included clubs, pubs, bars, food and drink venues, theatres, and concert halls, to close their doors due to the coronavirus pandemic. Although pubs and restaurants have re-opened, venues, theatres and concert halls remain closed.