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London's The Pickle Factory announces venue redevelopment with added room

The venue is partnering with the team behind London's GALA Festival for its next phase

London's The Pickle Factory announces venue redevelopment with added room

London's The Pickle Factory is set to undergo significant redevelopment after partnering with the team behind London festival GALA.

The next phase of the London club, dubbed Pickle 2.0, will see the venue's interior given a new paint job, while there will also be a refit of the bar and improvements to the sound system. Most significant will be the addition of a second dance floor space at the venue, which will host additional programming during club nights.

Some of the changes for the venue's next phase have already been implemented, such as the hiring of a new security team and the building of a new DJ booth. The other renovations are expected to happen this summer, with the club set to close for a short period while they're done.

Toby Wareham, the venue's chief programmer, will continue to oversee the bookings at the club, with the music policy expected to remain much the same. There are plans to host more early evening events, such as talks, listening sessions and workshops, alongside late-night club events.

"It's a great honour to be the new custodian of The Pickle Factory," said GALA co-founder Jonny Edwards in a statement about the partnership. "A club that already has so much cultural equity, community and its own space in the London scene. It's no secret these types of spaces are finding it increasingly difficult to forge successful futures. It's our job to provide the support Pickle needs not only to survive but to grow into one of London's – and Europe's – most cherished spaces."

The Pickle Factory will also be involved in this year's GALA Festival, taking place in May, hosting a stage that will feature DJ sets from The Ghost, Hamish & Toby, and more.