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The longest DJ set ever is set to take place in quarantined Italy

The Temple of Lost Souls will host the two-week marathon

The longest DJ set ever is set to take place in quarantined Italy later this month.

Restrictions were recently placed on cities in Europe, including Milan, where The Temple of Lost Future is located, following the global outbreak of coronavirus, or COVID-19.

There are currently a number of DJs living in the artistic residencies at the Temple, who have joined together to try and beat the world record of a 240-hour DJ set, with 340 hours of uninterrupted music streamed live from the Temple. They will also broadcoast conversations surrounding the virus, and how it has impacted members of the electronic music community.

Announcing the event via Facebook, the Temple of Lost Future wrote: "During the DJ set, Italian and international artists, promoters of cultural centers and clubs from all over the World will participate by telephone, telling how this virus has radically changed the lives and professions of everyone, each bearing their own testimony.

Some of the confirmed calls will involve Enrico Sangiuliano, Lele Sacchi, Nerone, Neill Landstrumm, Fabrizio Rat and many others, as well as promoters of cities such as Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam, London, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Sao Paolo, Miami, Minsk, Rome, Naples, Bologna and Bari."

They also added that if the record beats the current one of 240 hours established in Nigeria in 2016, it will be dedicated to "Italian health and medical personnel who in these days are saving thousands of lives by enduring truly admirable physical and professional efforts."

The Temple of the Lost Future also recently finished another non-stop project, which began on the 6th March and shared 150 hours of content from live artists, DJs, rappers, poets and classical instrumentalists.

Find out more about the latest project here.

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