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Martin Guttridge-Hewitt
27 June 2024, 16:08

LP Giobbi announces new album, ‘DOTR’, shares single: Listen

The follow up to 2023's landmark 'Light Places' will be released on 18th October via Ninja Tune's Counter Records

LP Giobbi Dotr album Ninja Tune
CJ Harvey

LP Giobbi has announced a new album, 'DOTR', which will arrive on 18th October via Ninja Tune's Counter Records imprint. You can listen to the first single, 'Bittersweet feat. Portugal. The Man' below. 

The record is a follow-up to the American DJ, producer and classically trained jazz pianist's breakout 2023 LP, 'Light Places', which bagged her the Best Producer award at the DJ Mag Best of North America Awards the same year.

The forthcoming collection features a number of collaborations and guest appearances, including Brittany Howard, Danielle Ponder, and Panama. 

"When I was young I used to write my parents little notes and leave them under their pillow or around the house and I would sign them 'love, Dotr' as I was, and still am, the world's worst speller. To this day when they write me a birthday card or whatever, they start it 'Dear Dotr,'” LP Giobbi said. 

“This album is a lot about what it is to be a daughter, have a daughter and love a daughter, as well as a way of honouring some of the most important women in my life," she continued. "There are also a lot of themes tied to home — the ones we create or the ones we were born into — which, for me, are reflected through my identity as a daughter."

Giobbi has utilised personal artefacts in the production, including the last voicemail she received from Patricia Lynn, her mother-in-law, and a recording of her final conversation with Carolyn Horn, her piano teacher from Second Grade onwards. Suse Millmann, a longtime friend of Giobbi's parents and a professional artist, is also honoured in the work. 

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LP Giobbi

LP Giobbi - 'Dotr'

1. Intro: Patricia Lynn  
2. Been Such a Long Time (with Mascolo)  
3. &Happiness 
4. Is This Love (with Danielle Ponder) 
5. Feel (with Jacob Banks) 
6. Until There's Nothing Left (with Brittany Howard) 
7. Interlude: Suse Millemann 
8. Bittersweet (with Portugal. The Man) 
9. So Nice To Be In Love (with Mascolo) 
10. Love Come Through (with Panama)  
11. Succession 
12. Really Good (with Reva DeVito)
13. Interlude: Dad to daughter; We Say Yes (with Dad and Yona Gold)
14. Two Days Older (with Madelyn Rue) 
15. Interlude: Carolyn Horn
16. Carolyn 
17. Outro: Mama, Mama, Many Worlds I’ve Gone Since I First Left Home (with Holly Bowling)