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Machinedrum to join Ableton’s Loop Summit in November

The annual music production conference returns to Berlin next month...
Machinedrum will join Ableton’s much-anticipated production conference Loop next month, with the event set to run 10th through 12th November in Berlin. 
Now in its third year, Loop with host a series of discussions, performances, presentations, studio sessions, installations and interactive workshops over three days, with Ben Frost, Emika, Goldie, Gilles Peterson, Honey Dijon, Jlin and more announced as part of the event’s programme.
“I’m super excited to attend,” Machinedrum told DJ Mag. “We’ve talked about me being involved before however the timing was wrong. They contacted me again this year and luckily, I didn’t have anything going on.
“I personally love when festivals add a level of education or panel discussions to their format. Not only do the people that attend learn so much about how their favourite musicians create music but the musicians themselves learn a lot about their own craft by having to describe it in front of an audience. There’s no room for bullshit when you have to describe how you do what you do to a room full of people. It can be scary but ultimately, it’s a great growing experience. 
“I especially appreciate giving back to the community. I’d rather inspire a few people to go out and make music by taking off the mask and being transparent about what I do. I think it can be quite selfish to hide your process from others.  It is true that sometimes music can benefit from mystery, but it’s much harder to maintain any level of secrecy this day in age where fans have instant access to what their favourite musicians are doing at all hours of the day. I think giving back to the fans goes a really long way compared to secrecy.”
The last batch of tickets are available at €250 via the Loop Summit website. 
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