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Major Lazer documentary, 'Give Me Future’, trailer revealed: Watch

Delivering music to all people…

Major Lazer and the trio’s historic 2016 Havana, Cuba performance are the focus of forthcoming documentary 'Give Me Future’. The documentary premieres 17th November via Apple Music.

Hosted outside of the United States Embassy in Cuba, the performance unexpectedly drew nearly half-a-million spectators. The documentary offers a behind-the-scenes glimpse at how the event came together.

Additionally, the film discusses the globalization of music and the internet’s impact on consumption.  “Every artist begs for a moment in time where people are paying attention to you. But when it actually gets to you — you have to seize the moment, because it’s not going to happen again,” discusses Diplo of the opportunity to perform in front of the Cuban crowd. “When I started music was kind of being globalized, but there was nothing that sounded like a global band. And I think Major Lazer became that sort of band.”

A compilation album is set to accompany the documentary. ‘Major Lazer Presents: Give Me Future – Music From and Inspired by the Film’ arrives 17th November and features unreleased tracks from Diplo, Cuban artists featured in the film and more. 

Earlier this month, Major Lazer hosted a benefit concert in Miami, FL for all those impacted by the 2017 hurricanes that struck Puerto Rico and the Caribbean islands.

Check out the doc’s trailer below.