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Our deepest condolences go out to his family and friends

A member of staff at Studio 338 that was airlifted to hospital after falling through the roof of the venue whilst it was ablaze on Monday died in hospital last night (Tuesday 9th August).

The Studio 338 staff member, identified only as Tomas, was attempting to dampen the fire on the roof of the club when it collapsed, plunging him into the burning building.

Within a few minutes, firefighters were able to rescue him, with the Metropolitan Police later describing Tomas as “fighting for his life”. He remained in a critical condition in hospital, but Studio 338 has now announced that he died from the severe burns he suffered after the fall.

Last night, the venue issued a statement to Resident Advisor that read,

“Our hearts are smashed and broken. Tomas fought for as long as he could given the extent of his injuries. He was as strong as an Ox but it was too much even for him. We are so sad to tell you all that he died a few minutes ago. 

“This picture was taken in Ibiza last year when the whole team went out. He was the happiest guy on the island but instead of spending it off clubbing all the time he stayed with the family and played with the kids by the pool, always making sure everyone was having a great holiday, helping with the food and generally just being Tomas. He was so pure and beautiful. An inspiration to us all, always postive, never complaining, working through the night to make sure the parties were the best they could be for you and us. 

“We are all so devasted to lose him like this. Everything we do from now on is for you our brother.”

On Monday more than 70 firefighters from London Fire Brigade tackled the fire on Tunnel Avenue where Studio 338 is located. Sightings of the black smoke coming from the venue were reported as far as 12 miles away in Southwark, whilst a fire brigade spokesman told International Business Times that there had been “dozens” of calls relating to the fire, with the first coming in at 11:40am GMT.