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Martin Garrix and Ed Sheeran's collaboration might actually get a release

The world's of pop and EDM might collide after all...

Martin Garrix and Ed Sheeran's collaboration, 'Rewind, Repeat It', might actually be getting an official release after the track was spotted on royalties website under a different name, 'Replay Rewind'.

Garrix has admitted previously that he would like to release the track but cited "label issues and a lot of headaches" as to why the track has yet to be released.

“It was going to be an official track, so we postponed all my other singles," explained Garrix to Billboard Magazine. "But the label delayed the track because they wanted to release other tracks from Ed first. At one point, it was two years ago, I didn't release a radio single for five, six months. So, then you get annoyed. So, I don't think we're ever going to release the track.”

The track, which Garrix regularly plays out during his festival shows, has now reappeared on a performance royalties website under a new name, leading fans of both to speculate that it could be released after all.

Clearly a track between one of EDM's biggest stars alongside one of pop's biggest stars is sure to be a money spinner, and everyone knows how much labels like money — so don't be surprised if the track ends up getting a release one day.

The track itself is part of a stack of unreleased music which the Top 100 DJs winnner is reportedly sitting on, according to some enterprising Garrixers who recently compiled a list of every unreleased track from the DJ and producer. 

Check out the listing below.