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Martin Garrix reveals secret alias at Tomorrowland

Martin Garrix man of mystery...

Martin Garrix debuted a new alias of his at Tomorrowland by performing a house set under the name YTRAM, which just so happens to spell Marty backwards.

Rumours of Garrix's secret aliases are nothing new, last year the Top 100 DJs winner unveiled during an interview with Spin that he'd been secretly releasing music under different names for a while.

“I produce this kind of stuff [Hip Hop] but not under [the Martin Garrix name]. It’s just some stuff that I work on the side just for fun.”

Earlier this year, Martin Garrix revealed the line-up for his STMPD Records stage at Tomorrowland 2017 with one name immediately standing out — YTRAM.

Add YTRAM to AREA21 and now we’ve got three Martin Garrix projects that we know of — and there could concievably be more to uncover.