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Martin Garrix reveals he’s working on new music with Dua Lipa

A follow up to ‘Scared To Be Lonely’ appears imminent...

Martin Garrix has revealed he is working on new music with Dua Lipa.

The pair previously worked together on last year’s hit single, ‘Scared To Be Lonely’, and now the 2016 DJ Mag Top 100 DJs winner has revealed they are back in the studio together.

Speaking in a new interview with Rogue magazine, Garrix said, “With Dua [Lipa], I had never met her in real life but I had this song called ‘Scared to Be Lonely’ and I really wanted [her to sing] a duet to be on the record because I loved her voice.

“Actually I’m in the process of doing another song together with her. I really got to like her and found out she’s amazing and super dope, she has great energy.

“There’s also been times where people are recommended to collaborate with but I don’t really connect with that person. But I did with her. The writing process is the most important thing and if there’s not a great vibe in the studio creating a song, then it’s not worth staying in the studio.”

No further details of Garrix’s new music with Dua Lipa is currently known.

Garrix recently announced details of an all-ages arena show that will take place at Amsterdam’s RAI venue during Amsterdam Dance Event.

That was after he released ‘We Did It’ under his Area21 moniker in June.

Rob McCallum is DJ Mag’s deputy digital editor. Follow him on Twitter here.