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Martin Garrix says his main goal is supporting new talent

It's why he built his studio complex... 

Martin Garrix says his main goal is supporting new talent, according to a recent edition of GQ's Actually Me. 

The ongoing social media series sees celebrities take questions from the public and respond to information published about them online through sites such as Wikipedia, revealing plenty in the process. 

Garrix, who hit the number one spot on DJ Mag's Top 100 DJs 2018 poll, was faced with a variety of queries, from what a collaboration between him and The Chainsmokers would sound like ("really aggressive"), to how he would describe himself in three words (apparently: crazy, happy, happy). 

Perhaps most telling of all, though, is what the EDM titan said when asked via Twitter what his dream would be considering he's already at the top of his game. 

"I have so many dreams. I built a studio complex in the Netherlands and I want to use it to build new talent, to showcase them to the world," Garrix responded.

"My main focus now is just guiding and giving new talent - cool talent - a platform." 

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