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Mary Anne Hobbs celebrates 15 year anniversary of Dubstep Warz with radio special: Listen

She described dubstep as "the music that changed my life" during the show

Mary Anne Hobbs this week marked the 15th anniversary of her seminal BBC Radio 1 Dubstep Warz broadcast with a special show on BBC 6 Music.

Hobbs' influential Dubstep Warz show aired on BBC Radio 1 15 years ago this month as part of her now defunct Breezeblock radio show, with the show introducing a number of the then burgeoning dubstep scene's key figures to a whole host of listeners around the world.

Across a two-and-a-half-hour show on BBC 6 Music this week, the broadcaster played tracks from some of the influential artists who joined her on the original broadcast, such as Skream and Mala, while she also shared some fond memories and personal anecdotes from that time, at one point describing dubstep as "the music that changed my life".

You can listen back to Mary Anne Hobbs' Dubstep Warz At 15 radio show via the BBC here.

Hobbs previously uploaded an archival recording of the original Dubstep Warz broadcast to Mixcloud in 2011. "This show marked the global tipping point for the dubstep sound," she said at the time." Mala, Skream, Kode 9 & The Spaceape, Vex'd, Hatcha & Crazy D, Loefah & Sgt Pokes and Distance changed the world of global dance music forever. Dubstep Warz still sounds as vital, as primal and as thrilling as the night we threw it down."

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