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MasterSounds launches new high end hifi system Clarity A

The Clarity A will cost £1,995

MasterSounds – the UK company that manufacture bespoke rotary mixers and high-end audio equipment – has announced a new hi-fi system for ‘music lovers’, called Clarity A. The system includes two cube-style speakers called Cube:6 and a subwoofer called Sub:8, both numbers referring to the cone size in inches. The whole system is subtly designed to fit in both a public venue or in your own private listening space. 

The speakers are active, meaning you don’t need a separate amp and they can be plugged directly into your audio source via the Sub:8. The system is built with MasterSounds own products in mind, with their Radius DJ mixer range a popular choice for those looking to go beyond the industry standards. 

Ryan Shaw, MasterSounds founder, said: “Clarity A is the secret that we are so excited to have finally released. When we listened to what the final product had to offer, it was an indescribably proud moment. Looking at the smiles around the MasterSounds test room, I knew we had created something truly special.”

The new hi-fi system costs £1,995 and each set is handmade to order in 14 days. Find out more on the MasterSounds website