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We’ve got the scoop…

We interviewed the DJ/producer for our January issue cover feature, which is out now, and she had some exciting news to tell us: she’s working on a new double album of over 20 tracks as Maya Jane Coles.

“It's quite raw” she said. “I've finished about 75% of it, but as it goes along I keep changing tracks and making something new and thinking: this has to be on it!”

“So it's still early stages. Artwork and the name is always the last thing that comes for me, so I wanna finish all the tracks first. I keep faffing around and changing stuff. This next month I've purposely taken time off travelling so I can finish it. It's nice being at home loads and having full-on time to get it done.”

She wasn’t able to give details of guests that’ll feature, since all the paperwork hadn’t been filed, but revealed that the majority of the vocal component is her.

“My style, where it's not full vocal tracks but sampling my own voice”, she explains, describing how she’s manipulated her own vocal chords as an instrument in the past, chopping them up to form structural elements of the track. “When I want a full-on song vocal over a track, that's when I'll get someone else in - for example Chelou, he did the vocals on 'Believe', and Catnapp did the vocals on 'Down By The River'. They bring in something that I wouldn't be able to bring.”

“I was really torn with the direction I wanted to go in, because obviously I make very different sounds. I’ve got the more song-based, home listening side and the more house tempo side, so instead of having a half-half thing, I thought: actually, I want to have one disc where it's based on the more melodic, song-based stuff, and the more - I wouldn't say bangin' club stuff, but a bit more up-tempo stuff on the other disc, and please everyone. As well as myself!”

So there you go. 2016 is shaping up to be a good year.